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Top 15 Node JS Developer Skills to Have in 2023

Node.js makes it really easy to create REST API’s, which is one of the main tasks a junior developer will be expected to do. This guide has been assembled based on my experience in the industry as a junior developer. This guide is also a summary of things that I, as a team lead, would expect from junior developers. Node.js is an established and reliable platform that many businesses use today. This runtime environment can amp up your back-end development while still using a tried-and-true language—JavaScript.

Instead of having a systematic evaluation process, they just make a ton of quick changes trying to see if that fixes the problem. When I started my first job, my boss told me he had no problem explaining anything to me, but he didn’t want to have to do it twice. I understood then, but now eight years later I really understand—it’s all about respecting your teammates and their time. If you’re aiming at becoming a full-stack developer, that list might include things like HTML, CSS, JS, a backend language of your choice, SQL, Git, etc. There’s so much easily attainable knowledge and benefit right on the surface of each of those topics that can be acquired by casting a wide net and taking it all in. The way you «practice» development (your daily habits, methods and routines for development) determines the type of developer you will become.

Which is better Django or Node JS?

You need to bring something else to the table if you are in this for the long-haul. The hot new thing you devote all your energy to may be irrelevant in a few years. But developing an optimistic, supportive attitude towards your team? If you get stumped or confused, you may fear that your coworkers will think you’re dumb or undereducated.

What should a junior node JS developer know

A developer can also utilize a portfolio to showcase their best and most impressive projects. And, like all developers, they need to remain up-to-date on all the software involved in their projects. The js in Node.js stands for JavaScript – the language used. As such, Node.js users should be well-acquainted with the JavaScript programming language.

How do I write a resume for a junior developer?

Our developers are experienced in developing web applications using Node.js, and they have the skills and experience to help you build a successful project. Outsourcing development involves hiring a third-party company to develop Node.js applications. This type of developer is excellent for companies that need a large project completed on a tight timeline and budget.

As frameworks come and go, the core elements of the language will remain the same. All our developers went through a strict set of technical evaluations and interviews. If you want to know more, you better schedule an appointment with us. A Node.js developer writes server-side web applications using JavaScript and/or JavaScript variants. Usually, Node.js developers focus on the back-end component while providing front-end developers’ support through web-based applications.

Error-Handling Skills

To overcome this barrier, developers interested in learning Node.js often have to educate themselves with online sources. Once they feel proficient in Node, they can take an online certification exam to become an official Certified Node Developer. Non-blocking or asynchronous programming is what Node.js is all about. With asynchronous I/O, the waiting time for requests can be significantly reduced.

What should a junior node JS developer know

The more experience a developer has, the more employers can trust that they have senior Node.js developer skills, and it’s a good investment to pick them. Error-handling is a crucial part of developing software and applications that work right. Make sure that the web developer you’re hiring knows exactly when to crash, when to log an error, when to continue, and when to retry. A web developer should have working knowledge in user authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments. This helps ensure that the web applications they create are highly secure. Their active participation and contributions to the Node.js projects are evidence that they have a solid understanding of Node.js internals.

Source control

Team extension is an excellent option for smaller projects that require only a few coding tasks. Using team extension, you can ensure that your project is developed quickly and efficiently and meets all your requirements. Regardless of your seniority level as a Node.js developer, it is essential that you know the different types of developers to find the best position for your skillset.

What should a junior node JS developer know

Node.js developers are responsible for a variety of tasks, from back-end development to front-end development. If you are wondering why businesses want to hire a Node.js developer, consider the reasons below. All-in-all, these are the concepts which node.js developers should be familiar with. Tools like Webpack, a handy JavaScript module bundler used to simplify front-end development really help simplify Node.js. Or Mocha.js, which enables Node developers to test both in-console and in the browser. Node.js will always be very closely linked to the JavaScript language due to it being its server-side runtime platform.

Once you have the core concepts of React nailed down, the next step is to understand Redux. Redux is basically a state management framework, that heavily compliments React. Think of it as a front-end database that holds the state of your web application in one, easy to manage place. In summary, Node.js is a dependable tool to make code writing easier and faster, hence its popularity in the industry. We are now clear from knowing Node.js, so we will move on to learn about what is a Node.js developer.

  • Great developers have problem-solving skills and know how to handle minor and major errors and bugs quickly and efficiently.
  • A Node.js developer is a software engineer who specializes in developing web applications using the Node.js platform.
  • All-in-all, these are the concepts which node.js developers should be familiar with.
  • They are proficient in one or two languages and have dabbled in a few other languages.
  • It is crucial that you verify the Node.js developer skills of your candidate in order to make a high quality hire.
  • Make sure the web developer you’re hiring knows his stuff when it comes to security.

You’ll likely create more intuitive and helpful products for your customers or company. If you want to play the long game and seek promotion, don’t get too distracted by the shiny object of the fanciest new technology. Turn to the good old fashioned soft skills to dig in your roots. Soft skills, like communication, team building, etc., are universal and enable people in other departments to notice you, care about your work, and become invested in your role.

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